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".neo" is a decentralized domain TLD based on the NEO blockchain platform. ".neo" can replace long, irregular strings / addresses/ hashes that are hard for human brains to remember with words and phrases. For example, you can transfer a token to an .neo domain name instead of a NEO address. NNS is extensible. Domain names can be mapped to any blockchain identifier or resource such as contract hash, content hash, public key, and so forth.

NNS is a smart contract services system on NEO platform with its purpose of improving NEO’s usability. NNS’s management and services are both done via the smart contract, which is completely decentralized, highly secure and credible.

Dot Neo NNS

Common Use Cases

  • Transfer of tokens via aliases;
  • Email and message addresses;
  • Public key aliases;
  • Smart contract’s hashes;
  • Domain names;
  • Sub-domain names;
  • File names;
  • Pet names.

Auction Periods

The auction period is the first stage of the auction and its duration is 3 days, during which all bids are valid. An overtime bidding of up to 2 days will be triggered when someone bids on the last day of the auction period. Otherwise the auction ends at the end of the auction period.

The overtime bidding is the second stage of the auction. Its maximum duration is 2 days. During this period, any bid may trigger the end of the bidding of this domain and the bid will be invalid. The latter one bids, the more likely it triggers the end of the bidding. So it's advised to place a bid as early as possible to avoid missing this domain.

Domain Validity and Renewal

A domain will be valid for one year after the bid has successfully concluded.

Additionally, domain names will need to be renewed on an annual basis. You will be prompted to renew the domain name three months prior to its expiry date. Additionally, domain names can be renewed under the “Domain Management” page by selecting the “Renew” button for a one-year extension.

Register Your .neo Domain Now