Dot ETH domains by Ethereum Name System (ENS)

We stop offering .eth domains. In some cases, their "federation" wants up to $2,000 to register better and more recently expired names. The whole Ethereum ecosystem has become one big SCAM scheme and our advice is not to invest any funds there. In any case, these domains are not used anywhere and have no practical application. They are constantly changing their smart contract unilaterally. There is nothing decentralized in that! Stay away from Ethereum and everything related to it. We can not even sync our Ethereum node anymore.

Ethereum Name System ENS

".ETH" is the official domain extension of the Ethereum platform. The project is called Ethereum Name System (ENS). The .ETH domains are controlled by two Ethereum DApps (smart contracts). These DApps are, respectively, for registering and resolving domain names. Thus, the domains are completely decentralized, secured and censorship-resistant.

The main goal of .ETH domains is to be used as an alias system in the Ethereum Project. The domains can be used to resolve a wide variety of resources. The initial standard defines the resolution for Ethereum addresses. Thus, you can send Ethers directly to the domain name instead of the Ethereum address. The system is extensible by design, allowing more resource types, including Swarm and IPFS content hashes, to be resolved in the future.

Our goal is to make the process of registering an .ETH domain as easy as possible for our clients. We will go through the whole process and to register your domain name.