Dot Bit Domains by Namecoin

What are .BIT domains?


Dot BIT domains are based on virtual currency Namecoin. On the other hand, Namecoin is based on popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Namecoin includes all the features of Bitcoin and adds an option to store key-value records in the Blockchain. This feature allows registration of decentralized domain names and identities. Namecoin is the first fork of Bitcoin, created in 2011. Thus, Namecoin offers first alternative domains of a new generation with extension .BIT

Where does the idea come from?

The idea of alternative DNS zone is not new. The first attempts started with OpenNIC project in 2000. It is created a new DNS zone with alternative domains. The problem is that it is centralized as well as a main zone ICANN. The idea behind Dot BIT domains is to solve the problem with centralization. This is achieved by using Bitcoin's Blockchain technology. Nowadays Dot BIT domains are included in OpenNIC's DNS.

Can someone stop or seize .BIT domain?

One of the main concepts of Namecoin is that the users own their domains. Like Bitcoin where users are the owners of their currency. In this way, there is no company or government that can seize, stop or censor domains from Dot BIT zone. Blockchain technology warrants that only the holder of a private key owns a given domain. The key must be kept secure in "cold" storage.

Resolving .BIT Domains

Dot BIT domains don't belong to the main zone of ICANN. That's why most systems cannot open them by default. We expect future changes when the Internet becomes more decentralized. Then the devices will communicate with each other, not with a centralized database, as is now. It is hard to predict how exactly systems will resolve all new crypto domains in future. But here are some techniques that work for .BIT today:

1. OpenNIC DNS

The best option is to change the default DNS servers of your system with OpenNIC's. Thus, you will be able to open all standard domains plus .BIT. Including other decentralized domains like .emc, .coin, .lib, . bazar ... How to change your DNS settings with OpenNIC's.

2. Proxy DNS, like .pe

The easiest way to open Dot BIT domain is to add proxy DNS extension at the end. Thus, every device and browser can resolve domains. For example

3. Browser extension

You can use the browser extension to open .BIT domains in your browser. Such extensions are PeerName (our extension), FreeSpeechMe (Firefox) and MeowBit (Windows). Note that some extensions need time to download all Blockchain data. After that, it will work correctly.

4. Own DNS server

Applications like nmcontrol give opportunity to run own DNS server using Namecoin's Blockchain data. Thus, you will be completely independent and will have 100% trust in data. You can even make your DNS server public, to be used by your friends or other users.

5. okTurtles

okTurtles Foundation provides solutions for secure browsing of all domains, including Dot BIT . It uses an authentication mechanism called DNSChain. The goal is to make MITM-free communications possible for everyone. You can use public DNSChain server or run own.

Not only domains, but also identities

We can also store identities in the chain of Namecoin. The name of the project is NameID. Its idea is to upgrade the popular OpenID protocol. Thus, instead to rely on Facebook or Google for your identity, you can have full control over it by NameID.

The project is in an initial phase but is fully functioning. Reserve from now your own nick in the system. You can login in all OpenID enabled sites with it. Your online identity will always be safely stored in Blockchain of Namecoin.

The idea is to be able to login anywhere with just one click, same nickname and without the need of a password.

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