Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why do the domains you offer not resolve by default on most browsers?

We are selling domains from alternative DNS zones that differ from ICANNs. These domains are for special purposes. Some of them are censorship-resistant. Some provide anonymity through browsing.

For example, .bit domains are used mostly in the ZeroNet network. This application has its own Internet browser. These domains can also be pointed to a regular Name Server but then they will not resolve by default on most browsers. Additional configurations will be required by every end user.

.ETH domains are also used in specialized browsers like Mist, Parity, Status and others. Users with the MetaMask browser extension will also be able to use them.


How can I change name servers/domain value?

Please provide the value of your domain with the registration request. If you want to change the domain value, please submit an update order.

We store all private keys offline (a so-called "cold wallet"). Security is our first priority. All transactions are signed offline on a secured computer. This operation can't be automated because of its complexity and security requirements. The process is done by hand and requires time and resources.

Security is what sets us apart from our competition. We can proudly say that registering a name via our system is more secure than registering it by yourself.

The value in a blockchain-based domain can vary according to usage. It can be IP address, Name Servers, Tor address, I2P, ZeroNet Hash and many other variations of these. We are assisting in domain configuration to ensure that everything works correctly.

Blockchain-based systems require taxes for every transaction. We charge every change to prevent abuse. Also, every change is de-facto domain renewal. If we automate the changes, users will be able to renew their domain an unlimited number of times for free.


Why won’t my hosting company let me add these domains to my hosting panel?

Some hosting companies require validation requests for domains before adding them to cPanel or other web hosting panels. These domains do not resolve by default and validation fails. Write to the hosting company support and ask them to add the domains manually, or use alternative DNS hosting that supports non-standard TLDs. We can recommend:

  • (they have some limitations for certain TLDs)


Why does TLS not work with most domains?

All modern browsers have a problem with Blockchain-based domains and the SSL/TLS protocol. These protocols are developed because all centralized domains are not secure by their nature. That's why we need a third party (CA authority) to validate the connection.

Blockchain-based domains are secure by default. They don't need a TLS certificate. The user is sure that he or she is connected to the right node. Man-in-the-middle attacks are not possible.

However, most browsers recognize all domains as centralized and search for TLS certificate. This is the problem, and the community is searching for the solution. That's why most systems are using different browsers, like ZeroNet, Mist, Parity, Tor Browser, etc...