Dot .coin, .bazar, .lib and .emc Domains by EmerCoin

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What is EmerCoin?

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EmerCoin is a platform based on the popular virtual currency Peercoin. Some DNS features are also forked from Namecoin. The system uses a second-generation Proof-Of-Stake algorithm. That's why it can function without mining. This makes EmerCoin eco-friendly and more resistant to 51% of attacks. A total of one billion EMC's will be minted.

What Does It Bring To The Table?

The idea behind EmerCoin is to expand the initial protocol to add new features, for example, the ability to register domain names from the zones *.emc, *.coin, *.lib and *.bazar. The software has a built-in DNS server through which these domains can be registered and accessed.

The EmerCoin protocol also allows for the storage of a larger amount of data in Blockchain compared to other platforms. Even entire files can be stored. The idea is to allow the importing of SSL, SSH, GPG and other certificates in the chain. The possibilities are endless.

Dot Coin (.coin) Domains

Dot coin (.coin) is the most popular blockchain-based domain extension. Dot coin is a domain from EmerCoin blockchain since 2013. OpenNIC is resolving .coin domains since 2015 from EmerCoin blockchain. Many Internet providers around the world are resolving .coin domain by default from EmerCoin blockchain.

Warning: Some SСАМ websites are selling fake .coin domains based on different blockchains like Ethereum. Fraudsters publish their centralized smart contracts and start selling whatever domains are currently popular. These domains have no practical application and their purpose is just to take your money.

Fake .coin domains can not be resolved by OpenNIC, nor from our browser extension. Real .coin domains are visible in the official EmerCoin blockchain explorer:

How Are EmerCoin Domains Resolved?

In January 2015 the domains from the *.emc, *.coin, *.lib and *.bazar zones were added in OpenNIC. They are the biggest alternative DNS zone. Thus, everyone who uses the organization's DNS servers can open the new domains.

Domains from the EmerCoin zone can also be accessed via the DNS proxy service Just open your domain as a sub-domain of the service, for example, There are many other ways to access the domains; one example is the popular extension okTurtles and DnsChain.

Our browser’s extension also supports the resolving of all EmerCoin-based domains.

Preventing Domain Squatting

EmerCoin innovates in preventing domain squatting. For the first six months following the launch of the service, domains will be at a higher price, which falls with every minted block. This gives an opportunity to more people to learn about the platform and to buy domains at the most acceptable price. That's why the domains are more expensive.

Final Notes

EmerCoin, like its predecessors Peercoin and Bitcoin, is highly valuable currency. It is traded on many exchanges and is suitable for the exchange of products and services. EmerCoin was founded as a currency to finance many local Internet projects, like social and research networks, games, robots, electro mobiles and others.

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