About Us

The company PeerName was founded at the end of 2014. Our purpose is to provide registration of decentralized domain names and aliases. We are one of the first companies that believes the future belongs to a decentralized Internet and DNS. Our goal is to create affordable registration in every new Blockchain-based namespace. Our highest priority is the security of domain names and clients.

Why Blockchain-based domain names?

Bitcoin has become the most popular Blockchain-based application. Many people realized that Blockchain technology can be used in areas beyond finance. There are already domains and aliases based on Blockchain. There are also decentralized marketplaces, messengers, stocks, etc. The technology is highly appropriate for domain names. It solves three fundamental problems of the old system:


Real ownership of domains

With Blockchain-based domain names, users actually own their name/brand, just as with Bitcoin, in which users actually own their money. With the old DNS system, names are rented by a distributor of ICANN and are subject to strict regulations.


Impossible censorship

Nobody can stop or censor a Blockchain-based domain. This is because its chain with names is saved in every endpoint. The real owner of the domain may be hidden. Only the owner of the domain's private key can dispose of it. This is PeerName as a service or the client himself on demand.


Security communications

Blockchain is the only technology that enables two points on the Internet to communicate securely. It solves the problem with Man-in-The-Middle attacks. We no longer need to rely on a third party to issue a TLS/SSL certificate. Certificates are free for this type of domain.

Why claim your crypto-domain now?

Undoubtedly, the future of names on the Internet is Blockchain. One of the chains with names will be standard on the Internet, but until then the good names will already be taken. So-called "domain squatters" have already registered most popular words and brands. Through services like ours, you can easily save your name in all chains from now on.

Why choose us?

We are the first to offer registration of names in all namespaces and chains. Our main priority is security. We can register any domain with a different address. Also, we keep private keys entirely offline. We rely on offline signed transactions for the registration and renewal of domains.

We will not disappoint you. You can count on us!

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