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About Our Lightning Network Node

Since 2018, we have been operating a lightning node and supporting payments through the lightning network. Nowadays, our primary payment method is Bitcoin / Lightning Network. We constantly need a reverse capacity (inbound liquidity). This is an opportunity to connect to us and profit from transaction fees.

PeerName is a reliable, well-connected mainnet lightning node. We guarantee good uptime and optimal security. Our node is always using the latest version of LND implementation. We are using our own Bitcoin Core full node as the LND back-end.

Our node is installed on a professional HP WorkStation with ECC memory. We are using ZFS Mirror (RAID 1) with reliable Micron SSDs for data redundancy. Powerful APC UPS is backing the node's electricity supply. We are using tools to balance our channels on both sides. This makes us a great routing node.

Feel free to open a channel to our node.

What is the Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is a second-layer payment protocol that operates on top of Bitcoin. It enables instant and cheap off-chain transactions between participating nodes. The network is P2P and operates without delegating custody of funds.

To use the Lightning Network, every end user must be connected to enough well-connected nodes. That ensures that there will be network paths for every Bitcoin payment. Every channel is bi-directional so it can be used to send and receive payments.